Adding Contacts or Companies to a Campaign

When you run a report if you include the Company and/ or Contact fields in the report you will see a button labelled "Add Contact / Company / Leads to Campaign". This will work from any module (e.g. Opportunities, Helpdesk. Quotes etc.) without you needing to include the Company or Contact as a module in the report.

When you click on the relevant button you will be taken to a screen where you can add the records to the Campaign.

Adding Leads to a Campaign

When you run a report that includes the Leads module, you will see a button to "Add Leads to Campaign". 

Adding Contacts to an Event

If you have the Contact module linked to a Report then you will also have the ability to add the records to an event, the same process is followed. Clicking on the Add Contacts to Event button will take you to the standard screen where you can associate Contacts with an Event.

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