SageLink can update invoices within OpenCRM to reflect the payment status of a specific Sage Invoice. This is managed by looking at the payment history within Sage and updating the status appropriately. This has its limitations when looking at transactions that are outside of the normal Unpaid/Paid status.

The following is a process that will allow you to Write Off amounts, keeping your accounts data correct and allowing you to collect the Write Off balances using Sages Nominal account as set up by default.

1. Write off Transactions or Accounts within Sage - this means that you are selecting the individual invoices to be written off OR writing off the current outstanding balance.

2. This affects the balances in Sage & holds the written off totals on your Write Off Nominal account.

3. When SageLink synchronises the postings against the Invoices in OpenCRM they will show as a status of PAID with a Zero balance. This is not strictly what you might want to see if you were to analyse the Invoices in OpenCRM as these invoices were not technically paid but written off.

To correct this :

4. Go into OpenCRM and locate the Invoice(s) that has been written off.

5. Update the status to be either Paid/Written Off OR Written Off.

6. When the next synchronization between Sage and OpenCRM takes place the statuses that are set as Paid/Written Off or Written Off are ignored.

7. When listing Invoices within OpenCRM you can see the specific status.

Remember : You can obviously edit an individual Invoice in OpenCRM to change the status. If you have a number of Invoices that relate to a Companies account and you wish to update all of these invoices with the same status in one go, you should use the Global Update feature, which allows you to update multiple records with the same information - to find out more about this feature take a Look Here

Note : depending on the version and configuration options selected as part of your SageLink installation you will need to check that you have the additional status values; 'Paid/Written Off' and 'Written Off' added to your Status Picklist in the Invoices module.

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