De-duplicating Records in OpenCRM

Manual De-duplication

A user can manually merge two duplicated records from the module search page.

  • Search for the duplicate records
  • Tick the two records in the list
  • Click the "Merge" button at the top of the list view
  • You will be presented with a screen that shows the two duplicate records.
  • Click the radio button next to the record you wish to KEEP
  • Click the merge button
  • The record you chose to keep is retained - including all of the data in that record. Anything that was linked to the duplicate is re-linked to the primary record.

Automated De-duplication

OpenCRM has a built in de-duplication tool which can either flag up, or automatically merge duplicate records based on a set of pre-defined criteria. This is possible for Contacts, Companies, and Leads.

This option is not available to end users and must be configured and ran by a member of the Software Add-ons team. This is because the results of such an operation can be quite destructive if the tool is configured incorrectly, and/or an incorrect configuration can cause a heavy load on the OpenCRM server which could affect your use of your OpenCRM system.

Unless you have any particularly complex requirements, we can usually accommodate the set up, configuration and running of the de-duplication tool with a modest amount of professional service time. Note that any complex requirements, or repeated requests for de-duplication help may result in a higher charge for our time to support this, so consider your requirements carefully before contacting us.

Both dedupe tools when ran go through the full list of entities, 1 by 1 looking for entries that match the current one, if a match is found the 2 entities are flagged and/or automatically merged leaving the most recent. If an entry has already been dealt with as a duplicate it is skipped as there is no extra processing required.

If you have a data de-duplication need, contact us specifying your requirements including:

  • Module to be duplicate checked
  • Criteria to use to specify a duplicate
  • Preference of record to be kept in case of duplicate (oldest, newest.. etc)

Need More Help?

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