The order at position "x" has no customer id value

This is usually down to one of two things:

  • Companies with missing Sage references
  • No Company linked to the invoice

Companies with missing Sage references

To resolve:

  • Edit the company, search for the correct Sage reference and link....
  • If no relevant Sage reference found, the company should have been assigned a reference by OpenCRM
  • Going to the following URL will populate all companies with Sage references where they are missing. Be warned that this is a global update, so, if there are companies that ARE in sage, but aren't linked with the correct reference, the company in OpenCRM will get a reference that doesn't match and this will cause a duplicate when transferring through to sage, so use with caution!

Invoices with no company linked

  • Sage requires a company to be linked to an invoice. You cannot create an invoice in Sage without a company, so SageLink will give a validation error if you try to download an invoice without a company linked. When dealing with individual end users, there are two options:
  • Use a single parent "holding company" and link this to all invoices where no company is relevant
  • Create a company record for the contact using the contact details as the company name

Troubleshooting Other "Failed Validation Tests"
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Sage Link is Crashing
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