When using SageLink for OpenCRM we have to follow certain protocols that are laid down by Sage Accounts 50, this includes the way that Sage allows you to manage the default currency on a company record.

Sage does not allow you to change the currency on a company record once the record has been saved. In Sage if you want to change the currency that this company trades with you in, this requires a new company record with the new currency setting up. Obviously, if you trade with the same company in two different currencies then this requires two separate company records to create and manage.

In OpenCRM we are required to follow the same procedures and therefore when a Company record is saved, we mark the default currency as a 'read only' field. Should you wish to change the default currency you will be required to create a second company record with the appropriate currency set.

If you have yet to post any transactions on this company we can change the default currency for you, please contact support@add-ons.co.uk.

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