To change the Sender Name you need to follow these steps;

  • Select SETTINGS (top right)
  • In the CONFIGURATION panel select the SMS Configuration

  • Login with your SMS Account settings (these may be different to the OpenCRM user credantials you use elsewehere)
  • This will show you the Control panel for your SMS account
  • Select the SETTINGS option

  • This will take you to a screen that looks similar to this;

  • Select the Sender Names button

  • Either select the Sender Name that is set up (if you wish to edit an existing name) or select the NEW button to create a new Sender Name.
  • This will display the following screen;

  • Enter your Sender Name and select Create (if this is the first Sender Name it will automatically be set as the Default Sender Name - OpenCRM only uses this default Sender Name)

IMPORTANT - if you enter the SENDER NAME as a mobile telephone number, then recipients of your SMS messages will be able to reply to this mobile number, if you use a Name (such as your Company name - remembering the 11 character limit - then they will not be able to reply, which may be what you are wanting to achieve).

Logout when you have finished.

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