You can download the OpenCRM Contact synchronisation tool for Outlook here:

Either click on the hyperlink above or copy and paste the complete URL into your browser and select GO.


Download and then run the set-up file located in the downloaded ZIP folder and follow the instructions on screen. Outlook should be completely closed when installing this add-in. If you are prompted to install "Dot Net Framework..." use the other link above.


The Outlook Contact Synchronisation tool will add a small toolbar into your Outlook, with just one button "Login".

Click this button and enter your OpenCRM username, password and URL. The URL is the same URL you use to access via your web browser - e.g.


If you receive an authentication error when trying to log in, and you are sure you are entering the correct details, please contact us and ask us to add your current IP address to the list of IP's allowed to connect to your OpenCRM system from external applications. You can find out what your current IP address is from


To synchronise your contacts, simply go to the Outlook folder into which you want to download the OpenCRM contacts. the "Sync Contacts" button will then come live on the toolbar. When you click this button, the tool will query OpenCRM for ALL contacts and then show you what changes will be made. Please note that on large volumes of contacts the synchronisation process can take some time. Estimated time is 1 hour per 1000 contacts added/modified.


If you have any questions or require any assistance with this process, please do not hesitate to contact support on 01748 473000 (option 2).

Need More Help?

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