To set up a recurring activity in OpenCRM, simply click the two arrows to the right of the activity date on the edit screen.

You are then presented with a screen which should be familiar to anyone who has set up recurring activities in other software applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.

By choosing the recurrence pattern, you are presented with a number of different options.

The "End After" section allows you to specify either a date, or a number of recurrences after which the series will end.

Important: "Occurrence" refers to how many times the recurrence pattern will run. So if you have it set to 10 recurrences, the number of Activities will very based on how often you have it set to reccur:

  • Daily: 10 Activities
  • Weekly (every MWF): 30 Activities
  • Monthly (1st of every month): 10 Activities
  • Yearly (1st January): 10 Activities

Adding multiple users to a recurring Activity

If you have a recurring Activity that needs more than one user assigned to it, you will need to add the users to ALL Activities...not just the first one.

You can do this by:

  1. Create and save your recurring Activity
  2. Click to Edit Series
  3. Re-assign to another user
  4. Click Apply (if you have more users to add) or Save (if that was your last user)

Watch below to see this in action:

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