There is more to Zapier than meets the eye!

In this FAQ we have highlighted some extra functionality that Zapier offers. 

URL Shortcut:

If you are logged into your Zapier account, you can quickly get started building a new Zap simply by using the URL

Zapier Delay

Most Zaps are instant, ie they will process your data as soon as it hits a Zap. For various reasons, this may not be convenient. In such a scenario, you can introduce a Delay into your Zap, with various options available:

For further reading see:

Zapier Filters and Paths

Filters and Paths are two Actions you can build on a Zap Run, following a Trigger.

A Filter allows you to progress a Zap only when the relevant criteria are fulfilled. In this example suggested by Zapier, it would allow you to update a Contact's marketing preferences only if a certain product is mentioned:

A Path is where this gets really interesting! Paths allow you to progress to the next Actions in different ways. Let's say one client submission (for example in a Gravity form) contains the word "Feedback". You could progress this, via a Path, to create a message in Teams. If a different submission contains the words "Request a Call", this could create a new Activity in OpenCRM instead. So, using the same field on a form, when it is submitted, you can determine the outcome most relevant to you. For more details see:

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