The integration of OpenCRM and Campaign Master enables you to build campaign lists in OpenCRM, using Campaign Master to actually send the campaigns and record the subsequent interactions (mails sent, received, rejected, opened, clicked through). A number of these statistics are fed back into OpenCRM to give you a snapshot of the success rate of your Campaign.

In order to successfully use this integration, you will need to know how Campaign Master works, for example how to create Campaigns, create Contact lists, build templates and associate these templates with different Campaigns. Training on how to use Campaign Master, management of Campaigns, templates and data in Campaign Master is not supported by OpenCRM. 


Setting up Campaign Master

Go to Settings > External Campaign Manager settings

This will give the following screen:

The Username and Password which are added are those which are used to log in to the Campaign Master interface, and the API Key is no longer needed with the Campaign Master integration.

Ensure the "Enabled" tick box for the relevant service is ticked and click "Save".  This will return the page to the settings home page.

Using Campaign Master and OpenCRM

When Campaign Master is enabled with OpenCRM, campaigns will have enabled an extra block of fields specifically relating to Campaign Master.  These are contained in a block specific to those fields:

There will also be a button above the campaign itself labelled "Sync with Campaign Master"

The button "Sync with Campaign Master" will send the information linked to the campaign to the Campaign Master system, and update the OpenCRM system as needed with information.

What information do I need to have to create a campaign in Campaign Master

In order to create a campaign within Campaign Master the "Campaign Master Subject" field needs to be filled in.  A campaign with an empty subject cannot be created.  If an attempt is made to sync with Campaign Master without this field being completed, the message below will be displayed on screen:

Unable to create the external campaign for the following reason : Campaign subject is required and has not been provided

There also needs to be a template set for the campaign in order for the e-mail template to be set in Campaign Master.  If the incorrect template is set when the campaign is first created in Campaign Master via OpenCRM, the campaign template will need to be changed within the Campaign Master system in order for the changes to take effect.  Template changes are not part of the sync with Campaign Master as their API currently does not allow this.

What does each field in the Campaign Master block represent?

Campaign Master ListThis is the recipient list which the contacts will be added to. You must set these lists up in Campaign Master first.
Campaign Master SubjectThe subject line of the e-mail being sent out.  This also forms the name of the campaign in Campaign Master
Campaign Mail From NameThe name which the e-mail campaign appears to come from
Campaign Master Test AddressThe e-mail address to send the test emails to
Campaign Master From EmailThe full e-mail address which campaign replies are sent to. This needs to be a campaign master global address on the domain that you have registered with them.
Campaign Master Redirect DomainThis needs to be the full email address of the mailbox the reply emails will be redirected to. i.e you send an email out as but you want all replies to the campaign to instead come into to
Campaign Master TemplateThe template which the campaign will send

What do I need to do to create a campaign with Campaign Master?

in order for a campaign to be created in Campaign Master, there needs to be an e-mail template for the campaign to send, as well as a list of recipients to send the campaign to.  Both of these need to be set up in Campaign Master before the sync between an OpenCRM campaign and Campaign Master can take place.  OpenCRM will automatically pull the available templates and lists from Campaign Master when a campaign is created or edited.

Once the template and recipient list have been created in Campaign Master, the campaign can be created or edited in OpenCRM to have the correct values before the initial sync is made.  As mentioned above, once the campaign has been synced with Campaign Master, the template cannot be changed via OpenCRM.

When syncing OpenCRM with Campaign Master, it is worth noting that although the recipient list is set in OpenCRM (the "Campaign Master List" field) the list will not actually be set on the campaign in Campaign Master.  The contacts which are added to the OpenCRM campaign will, instead, be added to this campaign list in Campaign Master, and the list can selected for the campaign prior to sending from the Campaign Master system.  This is a limitation of the API with Campaign Master at present.

Step by Step

1) Create your email template in Campaign Master if not already done

2) Create a new list in Campaign Master

3) Create a new Campaign record in OpenCRM

4) Complete the standard fields such as giving your Campaign a name and completed the Campaign Master specific fields indicated in the table above (You may need to contact Campaign Master for some settings). The Description field is also a required field, if this is left blank you will not be able to sync.

5) Be sure to set your "Campaign Master Template" before you Sync your Campaign. Once the template has been set in Campaign Master you cannot select a different template to use. Within the Launch Campaign section of Campaign Master itself you are able to modify the template before sending, on the Edit/ Test screen.

6) Save your Campaign

7) Use searches and views on Leads, Contacts, Companies to add recipients to your Campaign in OpenCRM

8) Once you have selected all of those you wish to reach click "Sync with Campaign Master"

9) Your Campaign details will be setup in Campaign Master.


Once a Contact exists in Campaign Master (as part of one or more lists), then you will get a warning/ error message when linking the same contact to any subsequent campaigns;this is for information purposes only, as it tells you that OpenCRM will NOT create a duplicate entry within the campaign list.

Campaign Master Lists

The Recipients Tab shows you all the different lists that you have set up in Campaign Master. When you select to use a list (on setting up the Campaign in OpenCRM), the leads, contacts and companies will be added to that list, should they not already be present. When you send the Campaign from Campaign Master, it will include everyone on that list, and not just people you have added to the Campaign in OpenCRM. If you want to start afresh with a new list of Campaign recipients, you need to Add a list in Campaign Master.

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Master is able to pass back to OpenCRM the following statistics:
(You will need to go to Settings->Default Field Access->Campaigns and enable the starred fields as they are not switched on by default.)     

Hard BouncesThe number of emails that have been returned to Campaign Master because the recipient's address is invalid.
Soft BouncesThe number of emails that get as far as the recipient's mail server but is bounced back undelivered before it gets to the intended recipient.
Total UnsubscribesThe number of recipients that have unsubscribed from your campaign.
Total ClicksThe total number of clicks on a link in an email campaign.
Unique ClicksThe first click subscribers who selected a link or linked image in an email.
No. of Emails SentThe total number of emails sent by Campaign Master.
Confirmed Total Views*A measure of how many recipients chose to download images AND/OR click on a link.
Total Forwards*The total number of forwards via Campaign Master's refer a friend link.
Unique Forwards*The total number of recipients who forwarded the email via Campaign Master's refer a friend link.
No Record Activity Total*The total number of recipients who have not opened or clicked in in set time; this number could also increase due to non-engagement, opting out or bounce activity.
Total Opens*The total number of times the images of an email were loaded or rendered on opening an email.
Unique Opens*The first time subscribers loaded or rendered the images of an email.
Open Rate %*The percentage of time the images of an email were loaded out of the number of emails sent.

From this OpenCRM calculates the following:

  • Total Bounces
  • Successful Emails
  • Unsubscribe Percentage
  • Click Rate (this shows you a percentage of all clickthroughs on the campaign and not just unique clickthroughs).
  • Open Rate (this shows you a percentage of all opens on the campaign, and not just unique opens).

These statistics are generated by auto-updates which are scheduled to run in OpenCRM every 30 minutes. Renewed clicking on the Sync with Campaign Master button will not automatically update unsubscribes.

Viewing Clickthrough Statistics on the Leads, Contacts and Companies tabs

You can view clickthrough details - 'Total Opens', 'Total Clicks', 'Total Forwards', 'Total Unsubscribes', 'First Open', 'Last Open', 'First Click' and 'Last Click' on the Leads, Companies and Contacts tabs on the Campaign in OpenCRM.

There are some new statistics to take note of here. The 'First Open' and 'First Click' stats are the date/time that the recipient opened the email or clicked on a link in the email, respectively. As for the 'Last Open' and 'Last Click' stats, it is the last open or last click date/time. Finally, the 'Bounced' statistic will flag up as 'yes' if the recipient's email has bounced to Campaign Master's server - meaning the email address is invalid and not receiving emails.

The records grid shows this information in fields on the relevant records:

Managing Unsubscribes

Recipients who have unsubscribed from a particular campaign will be marked as "Opted Out" from the actual campaign itself. This means they will be unsubscribed from subsequent campaigns that are run through Campaign Master, but the contact records in OpenCRM are NOT marked as having opted out, so you will still be able to email these contacts through OpenCRM without warning.

Merge Variables

Campaign Master's API enables the syncing of Leads, Companies and Contacts from OpenCRM to Campaign Master (note that this is a one-way sync). The sync uses the email address to add entities to a list in Campaign Master - it does not pull through details held in other OpenCRM fields such as first name, last name, company name. At this point in time, you therefore cannot use merge variables in Campaign Master to fill in this information 

OpenCRM syncs with Campaign Master periodically

We synchronise our stats with Campaign Master at certain times throughout the day. Here is a brief overview of the timing:
  • Campaign Recipients
    When you link a contact, lead or a company to a campaign, our system synchronises this with Campaign Master every minute.
  • Campaign Statistics
    Once your campaign has been launched, our system will update its statistics every 30 minutes.
  • Individual Statistics (contacts, leads, companies)
    Our system will update individual stats like clicks, opens and forwards once every day (in the morning).

Need More Help?

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