It is possible to stop the sending of a scheduled email, even after it has started sending, by changing the status of the email from "Sending" to "Draft."

As you can see in the gif below, you simply:

  1. Click on the Email
  2. Click to Edit
  3. Change the Status
  4. Hit Save

You will then see two emails:

  • One with a status "Send" - this is one that will be linked to all the people who will receive the email before you were able to change the status.
  • One with the status of "Draft" - this includes all the people who will not receive the email because you changed the status before it was sent to them.

If you wish to edit your email you can now do so. You need to edit the email that you are currently sending, not the original email template. When you are done, you can reset the Status to Scheduled and it will continue to send the email to its intended recipients.

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