All Bulk Email Accounts have quota limits - these relate directly to the package that you have subscribed to - if you are interested in subscribing to a Bulk Email plan, you will need to get in touch with your Account Manager.

The main OpenCRM Bulk Email Account subscriptions are;

  • Bulk Email 1,000 (1,000 emails per day)
  • Bulk Email 2,000 (2,000 emails per day)
  • Bulk Email 10,000 (10,000 emails per day)

These Quotas relate to a daily maximum that you can send from OpenCRM as part of a Bulk Email send. This is closely monitored.

We appreciate that from time to time you may need to send more emails in one day than the stated Quota for your subscription, that's fine, we monitor the usage over a specified number of days - to aggregate the Quota accordingly.

We refer to this grace period and monitoring as the Burst rate.

To give you an idea of the Max Burst Quotas for the different subscriptions, the following list should help;

  • Bulk Email 1,000 - 7 day Burst rate Period
  • Bulk Email 2,000 - 7 day Burst rate Period
  • Bulk Email 10,000 - 14 day Burst rate Period

Example of Burst Quotas

If you have subscribed to the Bulk Email 1,000 subscription - which gives a Quota of 1,000 emails per day, the burst rate will allow up to 7,000 emails to be sent in a rolling 7 day period. This means that you could send 3,500 emails on day one and then a further 3,500 on day 4 with no further email activity until after 7 days from the initial email sending.

Note : This refers to Bulk Emails - which generally means any single email send from within OpenCRM where there are more than 100 emails generated. So, sending to 50 Leads with the confirmation emails option selected, or sending to 100 Leads where you have elected to NOT receive confirmation emails. These 'normal' batched emails, along with individual emails that are sent from the system, DO NOT reduce the Quota from a Bulk Email Account.

Need More Help?

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