You can use a Jotform to add people to an Event. Check our main FAQ on Jotforms to understand how you can use a form to either create a new Contact record, or update an existing Contact.

To add a Contact to an Event via a Jotform you will need to do the following steps:

1. Add the Event Look-Up to your Jotform

Look for the ID of the Event to you want to add people to. You'll find this ID in brackets next to the Event Name:

Add a (hidden) field to your Jotform containing the Event CRM ID 
IMPORTANT: Enter this in the Default Value setting, rather than the Placeholder setting.

Back in OpenCRM, go to Settings > Integrations > Jotform Settings.

Find the relevant form and select the Edit option under the Actions header:

On the field mapping screen, make sure that the Event field from the Jotform is ticked under the Link Records option:

2. Set the Relationship between the Contact and the Event

Under the Event, you have a number of tabs where you can add Contacts - they could be added to Staff, Attendees or Recruitment:

There are two fields that control where the Contact is added. These are located in Settings > Additional Settings > Web Forms Settings:

Use these fields to set the Relationship (ie which tab the contacts sits under) and the Status, which is relevant to the Attendees tab.

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