Now and again you might come across a bounced email that also had Open and/ or Click Through statistics logged against the Contact record. This means the same email logged interactions, and yet bounced. For a refresher on how Click Throughs and Opens work, take a look here:

This is how that can happen:

Open and Click Through tracking both rely on the end-user interacting with your email in order to record that information. Open tracking works by embedding a hidden image within the email itself. The image is opened by default when the email is opened, although the email reader sees nothing different. Click Through logs the action when the email recipient clicks on a link. 

Some companies use caching services that check incoming emails even before an attempt to deliver it is made, to scan for malicious content This check includes following any links and opening images, hence triggering Click Throughs and Opens in OpenCRM against the related entities (Lead, Contact, Company, Campaign).

OpenCRM cannot check whether the email open or click is being carried out by the actual end-user, or the caching/ security service. 

At the recipient end, on attempted delivery it may find that the email address/ mailbox does not exist, which then registers as a bounce.

Therefore, if a domain or company is using such security features and you have emailed a discontinued email address, then you have the scenario whereby the address is marked as bounced, but also records Opens and/ or Click Throughs.

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