There will be occasions when you need to send us files. This might be copies of document layouts or data you need our help importing.

Our email services reject any emails with higher-risk file attachments, including any data attachments. This includes an extensive list of modern and legacy file types.

To overcome this security consideration, we have a file transfer site that you can use to send us your files and data directly.

You can access the site here.

The process is straightforward to follow. All you need to do is give us basic information about who you are and upload the file you require to transfer. Once submitted, your file(s) is stored in our company storage locations, and the team member who needs the file will be notified.

Note: You can upload single or multiple files with a total file size of 300GB. If you need to send us larger files, please get in touch with your account manager for advice.

Need More Help?

If you have any questions, just start a Live Chat, "Click" on the Chat Icon in the lower right corner to talk with our support team.