The following fields are set in Xero by OpenCRM;

OpenCRM Xero 
Invoice NumberInvoice Number
TaxTotal Tax
Invoice DateInvoice Date
Due DateDue Date
Paid Date (only if set)Fully Paid Date
OutstandingAmount Due
Total Minus OutstandingAmount Paid

Record IDContact Number (external identifier)
Xero ReferenceContactID
Company NameName (Company Name)
First NameFirst Name
Last NameLast Name
In order of preference (first of these with a value):
Invoice billing email, Contact Business Email, Company Email
Company Billing StreetPO BOX Address: Line 1
Company Billing Street 2PO BOX Address: Line 2
Company Billing CityPO BOX Address: City
Company Billing RegionPO BOX Address: Region
Company Billing CountryPO BOX Address: Country
Company Billing Postcode PO BOX Address: Postcode

Product Line 
OpenCRM Xero 
List PriceUnit Amount
Quantity * PriceLine Amount
Discount as a percentageDiscount Rate
Product CodeItem Code
Description if set, otherwise Product NameDescription
Nominal Code (via mapping to Xero Account codes)Account Code
Tax Class (via mapping to Xero Tax types)Tax type / Tax code
TaxTax Amount

OpenCRM Xero 
Product CodeItem Code
Product NameName
Product DescriptionDescription
Buy PricePurchase: Unit Price
Purchase Nominal Code (via mapping to Xero account codes)Purchase: Account Code
Unit PriceSales: Unit Price
Nominal Code (via mapping to Xero Account codes)Sales: Account Code

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