OpenCRM Bulk Email SMTP Services - Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Policy updated 23rd May 2022.

Sending unsolicited email messages (spam) is explicitly prohibited - this policy includes any volume of unsolicited mail however large or small. We are strictly against this form of communication - as a policy guide to this (but not limited to) ; 

  • You must ensure that all addresses you send to are fully 'opt-in', have consented to receive emails from you and are therefore specifically 'expecting' emails. 

  • Be careful if you ‘buy or subscribe’ email lists. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are all ‘opt-in’ addresses.  Typically the recipients may not be expecting your email and it is likely to generate complaints about your use of this data for spamming. 

  • You are not permitted to send emails to recipients where you have harvested their addresses.  This includes but is not limited to the use of software applications or companies to harvest email lists.

  • Any reports of spamming will result in the immediate suspension of your Bulk Email SMTP services pending investigation.  If found to be true your account will be terminated without any refunds.

  • Standard OpenCRM subscriptions allow messages limited to a maximum of 100 recipients per single message - additional Bulk Email subscriptions are required to send larger volumes.

  • You must ensure you're ‘from’, ‘return to’, and ‘reply to’ addresses are correctly configured with valid addresses.

  • Your mail server must be able to accept and process ‘mailer daemon’ and ‘delivery status’ messages for any automatic replies that the mail infrastructure might generate.

  • Email message headers and envelopes must not be missing, malformed or forged.

  • Email message subject lines must not contain false or misleading information.

  • If sending to a mailing/distribution list (or the same message to a large number of recipients) you must include a working 'unsubscribe' link or Internet-based method to process any unsubscribe requests (a telephone / postal based method is not sufficient). Any removal requests should be processed immediately or within 7 days (at the latest) and (if at all possible) before sending out another mailing to avoid/minimise the risk of complaints.

  • If you do receive any spam complaints the recipient should be removed from your mailing list. If you believe the complaint was an 'error' you may wish to contact them by email one further time or by another method (telephone, post etc.) to confirm if it was a mistake and if they wish to be re-subscribed to your list. Use the Do Not Email tick-box on the records within OpenCRM where appropriate.

  • Posting the same or similar message to one or more newsgroups (excessive cross-posting or multiple-posting) is explicitly prohibited.

  • Make sure your emails are compliant with the laws of the countries you are sending emails from and to. E.g. EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, CAN-SPAM Act etc...  Ensure that your message includes your valid physical address in any commercial / advertising/mailing list emails you send and always an option to ‘opt out’ or 'unsubscribe'.

  • Complaints of any nature could lead to the immediate suspension of your email service.

  • Suspended or terminated accounts will not qualify for any refund.

  • OpenCRM reserves the right to charge for professional service time, system resources and any associated costs incurred whilst dealing with complaints from emails your business might send. 

Reporting abuse or spam

We take spam and email abuse very seriously! If you believe you were sent an unsolicited email message by an OpenCRM user through an OpenCRM Bulk Email SMTP service then you can report it here.   

We investigate all abuse reports. Report Abuse

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