What is revenue forecasting?

Revenue forecasting is a way of breaking an opportunity down into a number of sub-sections, so that you can record in stages when you expect different amounts of the total to be received.

How do I use revenue forecasting?

On the opportunity edit screen, there is a new section called "Revenue Forecasting"

Click the "Add" button and this will add a new revenue row.

Here, you enter the date you expect the money to come in, the Amount you expect to arrive at this date, and, you can enter a brief description if you wish.

The total of the values in the "Amount" column should match the total amount of the opportunity.

If it does not, you will receive a warning when you save the opportunity

When you save the Opportunity, on the opportunity detail view, you can see the revenue rows on the "Details" tab.

How do I report on revenue forecasts?

Opportunity revenue rows do NOT appear in the standard opportunity reports.

If you wish to create a report on the revenue rows, choose the "Opportunity Revenue" module when creating the report.

This will report on all of the revenue rows. You can select all of the normal opportunity fields.

This will exclude any Opportunities that have linked revenue rows, but will include opportunities that have no revenue rows.

Can I show / hide the Revenue Forecast and Activity block on Opportunities

Two additional settings have been added under Settings > Additional Settings > Opportunity Settings:

On new OpenCRM systems the Revenue Forecast block will be off by default, it can be enabled via the setting Show Revenue Forecast. When this option is off the block will not been shown and it will not be a selectable option for reporting.


Record Activity / Schedule Activity is shown by default, but can be hidden using the Hide Record Activity / Schedule Activity option.

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