Although it is technically possible to send email from OpenCRM through your own mailservers, this is not recommended and, if configured, will not be supported by our support team.

The follow will outline what is and is not supported if you choose to use your own mailservers, as well as if you use decide to use OpenCRM's mailservers.

If using your own mailserver:

ONLY the following will be supported by us:

  • Generation of the email as a record in OpenCRM
  • An attempt to pass on to the third party mailserver

The following is SPECIFICALLY NOT supported. Additionally the features supported using the OpenCRM mailservers as detailed below are NOT supported/available:

  • Any guarantee of the delivery of the email(s) to the third party server
  • Any logging of the success or failure of an email or emails
  • We offer no guarantee your email(s) will be sent, as the actual sending of the email(s) will take place outside of OpenCRM.
  • We will not be able to investigate any queries surrounding sending failures

If using OpenCRM mailservers:

The following IS supported:

  • Generation of the email as a record in OpenCRM
  • Passing of email on to our mail servers for delivery
  • Tracking / Logging the delivery of the email to the OpenCRM mailserver for delivery to destination mailserver
    • Logging held for minimum 7 days
  • Tracking / Logging of the delivery of the mail from OpenCRM mail server to the destination mail server 
    • Logging held for minimum 7 days
  • Automatic retry of messages which cannot be delivered to their destination for up to 48 hours **
  • Delay and undeliverable messages returned to sender from the OpenCRM mail server if the destination  server or address is permanently unreachable from the OpenCRM mailserver for any reason **

** For bulk emails the support / precise nature of this may vary with the mail relay service configuration.

The following is NOT supported

  • Final delivery to the recipient mailbox from the destination mailserver (this could fail for several reasons out of our control, including closed or expired email address and spam controls). Normally this would generate an undeliverable message from the recipient mail server which would be delivered back to the sending address in the normal manner - but again - this is out of our control. 

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