Like many data integrations, this relies on the features already available in your OpenCRM system. The professional services work required to present the file(s) requires chargeable input from our projects and infrastructure teams.

First Steps

Create your report in the Reports module in OpenCRM - this FAQ will help you with the basics.

Here is a video that overviews the Reports module and will help you create your first report;

Once you are happy with the reported data, notify your Account Manager to confirm your current subscription and create an estimate to automate the report and export it to your desired storage location.

Exported CSV files can be added to your storage location - such as OneDrive for Business or Sharepoint. It's best to check that we support the storage provider to be confident that the data can be made available from Klipfolio's data sources.

Part of the setup includes the refresh period that the report data will be exported. This frequency will depend on the size of the record set, and your Account Manager can offer guidance on what is appropriate. There are two Auto Refresh Plans - to accommodate larger data sets and a higher polling frequency, and you may be required to upgrade to the Enterprise plan.


Once you have your data exported and the file visible with your storage solution, you can create your Metric - a new data source - using one of the data services available within Klipfolio.

It's worth noting that Klipfolio has a wide range of data service connectors, each having its own refresh criteria, which may depend on the Klipfolio plan you subscribe to - look at the Klipfolio help centre and search for 'Data Services'.

Follow the Klipfoio resources to create your dashboard using the connected file.

Need More Help?

If you have any questions, start a Live Chat, "Click" on the Chat Icon in the lower right corner to talk with our support team.