Please refer to this FAQ for our main guide on how to import Sales Orders into OpenCRM.

There is some enhanced duplicate checking for Companies, and we have also added the possibility to check for duplicate Contacts.

Company Duplicate Checking

A duplicate check will run, checking Company Name and Billing Postcode. Where there is an exact match, it will know to link the Order to the existing Company, otherwise, it will create a new Company record.

Contact Duplicate Checking

Here Contact First Name, Contact Last Name and Company Name are the fields used to check for existing records. If a match is found, the new Sales Order will be linked to the existing Contact. Otherwise, it will link the Order to a brand new Contact record, with the information populated as submitted via the Import (First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone Number, Email Address).

Linked Products

If the setting to "Link Products to Sales Order to Company Automatically" is selected (in Additional Settings), then any Products included on the Sales Order will also be linked directly to the Company record via the sub-tabs.

Need More Help?

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