Your customers are able to upload files to your Customer Portal that will appear as Documents in your OpenCRM system.

To upload a document via the portal, your customers will simply need to select the Documents tab and then click on Upload Document. From here, they can fill in the document title as well as a description before uploading their file.

Once they click the Upload button, the document will be uploaded to OpenCRM and will be linked to the Contact who uploaded it and their primary Company (if the Contact is linked to one). You will be able to see this by going to the Contact module in OpenCRM and selecting the Document sub-tab at the bottom of the page, this will show you a list of documents.

When a document has been uploaded, a notification will be sent to the user-specified within the settings (below) alerting them that a new document has been uploaded via the portal.

Documents can be uploaded/attached to Projects, HelpDesk tickets and via the Document section within the portal. Users will see a confirmation if their file has been successfully uploaded, if an error occurs with the connection or the file is empty the user will see an error message advising them to try again and to contact you if the issue persists.


You will need to decide which user will be assigned all of the Documents that are uploaded onto the Customer Portal. You can set this by going to Settings->Additional Settings->Portal-Document Upload Settings.

'User to assign documents to when uploaded from portal' - you will need a user ID for the user that you want new documents to be 'Assigned to' when they're uploaded from the portal.

'Default notification text to be sent to the assigned to when a new document is uploaded' - this allows you to set the notification text that will be included in the notification email that is sent to the 'Assigned to' user when a document is uploaded.

Notifications will look like this: 

Notification About: {document name}

To view this record Click here

Document title: {document title}
Document description: {document description}
Contact who uploaded: {contact name}
Company who uploaded: {contacts linked company}

A new document has been uploaded via the portal. {text from the setting}

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