Not using WordPress? You should simply be able to skip step 1. If you are using an alternative CMS system, you may need to use a similar plugin if you find step 2 does not work for you.

Please do not use a plugin to create your iFrame it is unnecessary and will likely alter the URL code and prevent it from working.

Step 1: 

You will need a plugin to insert PHP into your posts or pages.

You should login to your WordPress admin account, go to the Plugins page and search for "Allow PHP in Posts and Pages" select a suitable plugin, Install and then Activate it.

Step 2:

Create a new Page within WordPress to hold your e-Sign page. Insert the following URL within an iFrame:[php] echo $_REQUEST['esignid'];[/php]

When you preview the page, you should see the Login for your customer portal.

Note: you should only attempt this approach if you are an experienced developer or have some advanced technical knowledge. If in doubt, speak with your web design agency or web designer for their guidance.

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